Hello. My name is Robert Gage-Smith and I am a Web Designer and Developer.

I have an absolute passion for coding and have extensive experience of working with both front and back end technologies – PHP, MySQL, Jquery/Javascript, Angular, CSS3, HTML5 and (R.I.P) Flash. Hopefully my portfolio will give you a fair idea of what I can offer your business or project, but if you need some more information on anything then please get in touch by using the contact form Many thanks for visiting.



Obligitory Bio Section

I’ve been involved with design since 1986 when I first started work at Austin Knight Advertising in London’s Soho Square, since then I’ve gone on to work in recruitment advertising, magazine publishing, marketing and multimedia. I love the creative process, bringing an idea to life, this is why I particularly enjoy working in web and multimedia; taking a concept, creating lines of code and making something that people can interact with. I also into learning new things and pushing myself – from online training courses such as Treehouse(recommended), CodeSchool and Lynda(.com) to teaching myself to use Cheetah3D (an excellent 3D modeling application) to create Illustrations for a brochure that I was designing.
Over the years I’ve become very proficient in many applications; from Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Quark Xpress and InDesign, to the tools of the web trade: Dreamweaver, Flash(RIP) and Director, Coda, PHPStorm, Pinegrow and Sublime Text.

And it’s no point knowing all the latest software if you don’t know your code, so I like to keep up with my PHP, CSS and JavaScript skills by following great blogs such as Chris Coyier’s ‘CSS Tricks‘, ‘Codepen‘; an excellent website for developing and sharing projects or ideas as well as Plunker.

A little bit more.

Apart from programming, my second passion is music and I have built a little studio based around Macs and a PC running ProTools, Logic, Reason, Ableton Live and the classic Opcode Studio Vision Pro. Complete with a pile of synths, samplers and drum machines – take a Look, I’ve even managed to sell a few tracks on Audiojungle. Have a listen via the link.

As well as composing, creating synths in Reaktor, MAX/MSP and making sample libraries, I also like to take photographs – “Click!”, and still harbour an earlier ambition to be a comic illustrator.

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